About Malik

Meet Malik Abdul-Khaliq
With an innate proclivity for conducting comprehensive analysis and an insatiable appetite for advanced education and knowledge coupled with years of dedicated experience in academia, Malik Abdul-Khaliq is uniquely qualified to assist you in understanding the K-12 and post-secondary scope of pedagogy, and its interplay with the melange of ethnic discourses that constitute its ever-evolving constituency. His speaking and writing about History, Sociology, Ethnic Studies, Critically and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and issues of cultural sensitivity, will provide you with cutting edge knowledge with which to develop the professional development capacity of you and your clients.

Malik is an internationally recognized speaker and podcast host
Malik is a sought-after commentator on current events, culturally relevant pedagogy, African American History, Ethnic Studies, and Islam. Malik is a writer and has been interviewed for numerous publications.