Malik Abdul-Khaliq is available as a consultant for schools, Local Educational Agencies, charter schools, and businesses to help strategize on developing cultural sensitivity that will be conducive to practical multicultural education staff development, and multicultural staff development in the commercial field.  If you are looking to increase your ability to educate all students (especially those deemed high risk), and better understand how pragmatic approaches to pedagogy require a comprehension of socioeconomic-historico, and political-contextual issues, Malik is available to work with your school or firm on a half or full day basis, or via a 2 hour virtual session.


Malik is available for live, in-person presentations or workshops for your conference or ancillary events, in 1-hour, 2-hour, or half-day formats.

Workshops and Presentations Offered

  • Demystifying Ethnic Studies: What is it
  • Cultural reproduction and social inequality: Dejure segregation and the governmental role to perpetuate social inequity
  • Critical and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: What is it? And Why?
  • The African American Experience in the Americas
  • How to Increase the Academic Achievement Performance of African American Students
  • Demystifying Categorical Programs: What are They?
  • Islam: The Completion of the Monotheistic Stream of Revelation
  • Racism
  • Understanding Title I, Part A
  • Institutional Racism: Affects and Effects
  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Making Instruction Effective
  • The Muslim Experience in the Americas
  • Cultural Diversity Training
  • What Islam is all about
  • Cultural Diversity and the Classroom: A Recipe for Success
  • African Continent: Past and Present
  • Unmasking Islam: A Focus on the Foundations of the Faith
  • Africa and Colonialism: Vestiges of a not too Distant Past
  • Meaningful Migrations: African Americans seeking acceptance and opportunity, 1910- Present
  • And much more!


Malik’s speaking fee is based on the actual presentation, travel arrangements, parking and ground transportation. Please contact Malik directly to discuss further.

Fees vary depending on the size, timing, and location of the event.
25% discounts are available for non-profit organizations.
Additional discounts are available for multi-event arrangements.